Thursday, October 27, 2005

End of the week

I have finally reached the end of this seemingly interminable week. And next week looks lighter than any since the first week of school, so I might actually get to have some fun this weekend! Here, in no particular order, are ideas that have occurred to me for my costume:

-Wilford Brimley
-Elian Gonzales
-A shadow of my former self
-The hairiest woman in the world
-Lloyd Dobler
-Harriet Miers
-New Orleans
-Old Orleans
-The Holy Ghost

Who knows, I'll let you know and post pictures. Anyone got some shit to say about Red Bull?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Just when you thought it was safe to check my blog...

Sorry I haven't posted this week, it was a scorcher!

Notes on the week
-Altoids presentation went very well, it was our best one yet because it was totally a team effort.
-Tic Tac presentation went well but we didn't really convey our idea as well as we could have. Probably because our idea was very esoteric and we only came up with it a few hours before the presentation. So it goes.
-I finally get to run tonight! And yes, I am being a big dork and getting excited about running on a Friday night rather than going out. I guess that's what happens when you're 26 and lame.
-I have to come up with a campaign for Red Bull this weekend. Yeah.
-I have given the new Fiona Apple CD a cursory listen, and it's suprisingly good on first listen. Imagine that. Besides that the only new music I've heard is the new Ryan Adams (pretty good) and Kanye West (great). Anyone got any more suggestions?
-I'm sorry I only talk about school stuff on here any more, but that's my life now!

That's all folks, more to come later! God, I suck at this now.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday in the park

-Had a photo shoot in the park to help some friends out with a project. Had to dress up in Sunday clothes and go through a fight with Cynthia, all in the format of still pictures and set to a Bruce Springsteen song. I bet it will be cool in the end, but it was uncomfortable being the object of the camera lens that much. As most of you know I don't really like being examined. Those who examine me too much don't tend to stick around.

-Did the Creative Slam yesterday and got to figure out a new way for the Children's Museum to do Santa Claus. It involved elves leading conga lines through the museum every ten minutes or so. They were hesitant at first but then I jumped up on some carpeted blocks and getured wildly. And then I think they just said they liked it to get me out of the room.

-I feel like I have done nothing but work this week. I have done nothing but work this week. I haven't even had time to run. That bums me out.

-I am going to New York over Christmas break, come hell or high water. And I want to drop by Philly for a few days and see Brad and visit the town. I've heard so many folks rave about Philly but have never actually spent any time there. So now I will. And it will be glorious.

-That's about it. Can't wait till 7. Running and dinner. And maybe a movie. Ahh, free time. That I don't really have, but I don't give a fuck at this point. Rock on party people.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

My new format

Okay, so to expedite this whole posting process and make me more inclined to keep up with it, I am going to a list format. Why? Because planners love lists. I guess they're in our blood. Creatives make fun of us for it. Especially copywriters. Probably because they are so much more brilliant than we are. And funny, and they write so much better than we do too. Probably becuause they're copywriters. Doing what they really really want to do. Right? Right?

-My intensely personal and probing Fenske article went over insanely well. I prostrated my emotional self before the class and came out alive!

-Breath mints are dominating my life right now. Tic Tac and Altoids for two different classes. I got minty freshness coming out my ass.

-The new apartment is slowly coming together. As is my personal life. It was rough and uncertain for a while there, but I'm in a good place now. And that's all I have to say about that.

More to come later, lunch is calling my name.

Monday, October 10, 2005


It's not going to go how you think it is. If history has taught us anything it is that. It is going to turn out the same way as all of the others, somewhere between what should and should not be. This is a pattern. This is a cycle. This is a ..... disease? Pathology? Habit. Addiction. Mild psychosis. It's the same as when you were 16. Except you didn't have facial hair then.
And you had an excuse. You didn't know any better. No such luck now.

Friday, October 07, 2005

More of more

Brands that I am working on now

1. Altoids
2. Fly Fish the World (local shop)
3. Tic Tac (weird that I am working on two different breath mints for two diffferent classes)
4. Me. By that I mean that I have to write an article that gets to the bottom of me and my motivations, place in the world, etc.

Any help that either of my loyal readers could offer on any of these, particularly the last one, would be quite helpful. And be brutally honest.
In other news, the Friday speaker was wonderful. He is a brand manager for MGD, and he had some great insights on how the relationship between agencies and clients works in the new era of King Brand. The brand is where it's at now, and agencies must tailor their advertising to that. No longer can agencies rely on great ideas. They must have great ideas that also work with the brand. This seems like a simple and obvious concept, one that doesn't really need articulating, but not so when you are trying to create work that exists in harmony with the brand. Fascinating stuff.
Looks like a weekend full of work for me. Work work work. Breath mints. The smell of fish. My own neurotically obsessed sense of self. YAY!!!!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ways to tell things....

Ways to tell great friends
1. They post things about donkey cocks on your blog until you start posting again.
2. They will carry on a long and arduous conversation with you until you bring your head around to where it should be.
3. They don't take your crap.
4. They put you in their songs.
5. They can just tell.
6. They recognize that you are crazy and still like being around you.
7. They feed you wonderful meals on the high holidays. Even when you're not Jewish.
8. They make you want to be better.

Ways to tell questionable friends
1. They ask things of you that don't seem to take you into account.
2. They only like you when you're happy.
3. They get blinded by what they think is best for you.
4. They act how they think you want them to act.
5. They stick a thermometer up the ass of your friendship way too often.
6. They don't challenge you to simplify your life.

I have some wonderful friends. Let me know if I am ever being questionable. Or just psychotic.