Sunday, May 25, 2008

Charlie Rose

I really love Charlie Rose. The guy is just on point. I've never seen anyone who asks such pointed, insightful questions while keeping his guests completely at ease. I'm watching him talk to Jeff Zucker now, and he's cutting through the talking head bull that Zucker is trained to spew and making him have a point of view on digital content, not just puking out a bunch of buzzwords like NBC has trained him to do.

They're talking a lot about Hulu, and I have to hand it to them, it's a pretty awesome site. And because Netflix streaming content doesn't yet work on Mac (sigh), Hulu is the closest thing to what I think the future of online content might look like.

Speaking of content online, I'm really digging my Emusic subscription. I was skeptical at first, but I get great music there every month. This month I've downloaded the Santogold album (good but not as good as you've heard), the new French Kicks (just as good as Two Thousand), and Kaki King, who can scorch an acoustic guitar like Rodrigo y Gabriela. Good stuff.

On a final note, we're all settled into our house in Redondo Beach, and that means it's time for all of you to come visit! We have a white picket fence, and you can see the ocean from our backyard. Go west, people!

Monday, May 12, 2008

This One's For Mom

A photo I know will make my mom happy: