Thursday, November 17, 2005

Back again....

So now that I've finally got a moment to breathe, I figured I'd update the old blog. Let's see, what kind of list can I make up now....

-Saw Jarhead on Monday, kind of underwhelming but very pretty. Leave it to Roger Deakins.
-Saw Capote last week. Self-indulgent and kind of silly at parts. But Catherine Keener is awesome.
-Nice to see that the Republicans are fucking themselves over without the Democrats having to worry about it any more. Read my friend Brad's blog for more info on that one. There's very little gray area with Brad, but he's a good writer and stays very informed on things.
-I'm getting insanely into graphic novels. I just read The Rabbi's Cat by Joann Safr, and it was great. I can't stop reading them! Anyone else as obsessed as me?
-I love coffee still.
-I still don't have a mailbox in my apartment building, and I spent an hour on the phone Monday mediating between the developer and the post office trying to get them to stop their dick waving and actually do something about the situation. Hopefully it worked.
-If you need to know anything about showers or plumbing in the UK, I am now an expert.
-It is now getting frigidly cold in Richmond after our monster rainstorm last night. I was enjoying the warmness, but I guess it wouldn't be special if it was all the time.
-I am still running, mainly because it has taken the place of cigarettes as my chosen addiction. And coffee has taken the place of alcohol. I guess that's a couple of pretty good tradeoffs. My lungs and liver are thanking me at any rate.
-My best friend Ted has set up his photography site, so go check it out. For those of you who don't know Ted, he is a very talented photographer and network engineer living in NYC. And ladies, he's single and disease free!!

That's all I got for now, check you fools later.