Friday, June 09, 2006

The skinny

Feeling better now, had the funk that wouldn't go away.

-Played poker tonight with a bunch of folks and managed to flush my money away yet again. I did not do too badly though, I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I feel like I'm five years late for the prom though.

-James Hunter is a badass. He sounds a lot like Sam Cooke and writes his own songs to boot.

-Bonnaroo is drawing ever closer. I can almost smell the hippies already.

-I used a power washer for the first time today. It was remarkably easy to use, but beware of putting any part of your body in front of the water stream. It hurts like fire.

-Addie, my parents' dog, got a haircut on Tuesday, and I have to say it's the best haircut she's gotten in recent memory. She usually comes out of the grooming place looking ridiculous (she's a terrier/retriever mutt, so she's usually pretty hairy), but this time they really knew what they were doing.

-Dad's birthday is tomorrow. He's 58. Old fart.

-I've started going to a chiropractor to see if he can take away my lower back pain. So far it's been working. It's really weird getting your neck cracked though. I'm still not completely convinced that he's not going to paralyze me one of these days when he's not paying attention.

-I may be really behind the times here, but Martha Wainwright is a badass. She might just be better than her brother. She's certainly less of a prima donna.

-Saw Transamerica last week, and it's worth the hype. See it. Also saw I Heart Huckabees a few days ago, and that exceeds everything that I read about it. It is an amazing piece of work.

-And finally, an opinion poll. Should I learn to speak Arabic or Spanish?

Peace out, playaz. Go Mavs.


Blogger Tara said...


I'm jealous about Bonnaroo. Still pissed at myself for bagging out last year because I couldn't afford it. Next year, I'm all in.

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It all depends on applicability. I would imagine in the immediate, you are more likely to flex your fluency en espanol rather than in arabic.

Just imagine if you had thrown chinese into the mix? What a decision!?


1:07 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

"I [Heart] Huckabees"? Yeesh.

Martha Wainwright's got a killer duet on the new Snow Patrol jam. You should become one with it soon.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous becca said...


4:55 PM  

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