Monday, July 18, 2005

Not dead

Hey everyone. I'm not dead. I will post something significant soon. Or now. Let's see ......

Is it just me or is the new season of Six Feet Under sucking ass so far?

And what's with this Princes of Malibu shit on Fox? Granted it's Fox, but still, I've never seen anything as transparently fake as this. Shameful.

I've begun playing tennis. I suck. But hopefully I'll get better soon and not look so much like I belong in the Special Olympics.

I just read this graphic novel called Blankets by Craig Thompson, and it was wonderful. Just the sweetest, most enlightening book on religion, love and adolescence I've ever read. It will nourish your soul.

I think my dog is depressed.

Screw Harry Potter up his wizard arse. I just don't care.

Brother Nat moved up to D.C. yesterday and starts work at the World Bank today. Wishing him the best in his new endeavor.

Is it just me or does this new picture posting process (that's called alliteration, bitches, I'll be here all night!) on Blogger suck ass worse than Six Feet Under? I can't figure this shit out. Either that or there are a bunch of pictures of Bruce Springsteen floating somewhere on Blogger's server.

Coffee is really neat.

The peach crop tastes particularly good so far this year. The cherry crop as well, although for some reason they are costing an arm and a leg down here.

Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Kudos to Tim Burton. Non-kudos to Johnny Depp. Wasn't feeling his Wonka. Hmmm....nope, too easy, I'll leave it alone.

If anyone has heard the Fall's new BBC sessions box set, let me know if it's worth the cash.

Maybe some ice cream will cheer my dog up. But she always eats it too fast and gets brain freeze. No shit, it's the funniest, saddest thing I've ever seen. She starts whimpering and rubbing her paws all over her face. Tragic.

You know what I haven't heard in a while? "Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm" by the Crash Test Dummies.

Family Guy last night was among the best I've seen.

Why is it that no good bagels exist outside the five boroughs?

A'ite, that's all I got.


Blogger Tara said...

I read Blankets for my book club last year, which made my want to read Chunky Rice and all other graphic novels. I never got around to it, though.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Yes, Six Feet Under totally sucks now. I thought the last season was under-appreciated (the finale was incredible), but this season blows. All that cast dissension is really hurting everything.

9:08 PM  

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