Monday, May 02, 2005

Asheville and Boone, hippie heaven

Hello all. Got to go to North Carolina this past weekend to see my friend Deanna, who I hadn't seen since my time in London. Cynthia and I met her and her boyfriend Chris in Asheville and spent the afternoon wandering around downtown and hanging out with all the hippies. The Southern hippie is quite an interesting thing. My friend Ted and I have had many conversations on the differences between Southern and Northeastern hippies. I myself grew up thinking of Southern hippies as just hippies, and Northeastern hippies don't seem that different to me. But when Ted hears hippie lingo in a Southern accent, it's all he can do to keep from cracking up.
Hippies aside, Asheville is a lovely town, and the Shins were just great in concert. Sadly my camera and phone were both out of batteries at the show, so I couldn't take any pictures or call anyone and leave one of those messages where you can't really hear any music, just a lot of noise coming out of your phone with the occasional distorted vocal coming through. I myself am a big fan of trying to figure out exactly who it is you're listening to.
We stayed with Deanna in Boone, another hippie haven, and the next day we went up to this place they call Firetower Point, or something like that. It overlooks the whole town, and after a night of juice my camera was ready to go!

The town of Boone

The rocky, bumpy road up the mountain (not for the queasy of stomach or those who have just eaten a large quesadilla)

Cynthia being a real sport
So that was Asheville and Boone. Quite impressed with both, I must say. And I slipped back into my Carolina accent, which made Cynthia quite scared.


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