Monday, May 16, 2005

Kasey at the Track

So I have two people on my ass about my blog. One is being quite encouraging and has linked my blog to hers (and as soon as I figure out some of those fancy tricks, Tara, I'll return the favor). The other has taken to berating me over AIM about how her blog is so much better than mine. Which is absolutely true. Liz, your blog is an inspiration to all of us. And, as above, as soon as I figure out some of these fancy tricks I will let all my readers rent your brain. So from now on I am going to make a concerted effort to update this damn thing regularly. So I guess I'd better start out with a good post.

Never one to disappoint or keep folks in suspense, I'll come right out and say it: I went to a Nascar race this weekend. And it was freakin' sweet, so y'all can eat my ass if you wanna hate.

I went with my friend Kyle, who is a pretty big Nascar fan.

Although he is not as big a fan as these guys.

These people get seriously crazy about this stuff. It's pretty infectious, like leprosy.
So we get there and tailgate with Kyle's mom and some of her friends, all of whom were extremely nice and hospitable people.

This is one of the guys playing a game like horseshoes, except you throw washers into a coffee can so that nobody's car gets decked by a horseshoe.

We then went to the credentials hut to get our pit passes, which we got because I knows people who knows people, yo.

Kyle was very excited about his.

We then went back and tailgated some more, this time joined by my brother Nat and his girlfriend Alison.

Then it was time for the walk to the track, where there were many many sites to behold. Many of them with very few teeth.

This sequence will give you an idea of the size of the track:

Okay, so I guess panorama sequences don't work so well on blogs. Damn.

We then proceeded to the pit area for a behind-the-scenes look at the whole thing.

This guy is gluing lugnuts onto the tires so that the pit crew doesn't have to manually put them on during the race.

A finished tire

Some pit ho's

Joe Gibbs, who almost ran into me as I was taking pictures. Shouldn't he be coaching somewhere?

My money's on these guys

Kasey Kahne's car (he ended up winning the race, hence the lame title of this post)

Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries before the start of the race, but I did manage to squeeze one action shot out of it.

So that was my day at the races, more or less. I actually did have a great time at the race. I couldn't believe how much of an EVENT it was. It was overwhelming, expecially when the checkered flag waved and the cars got up to full speed and my eardrums and chest were vibrating at unnatural speeds. It's quite an experience, something to add to your list of things to do at least once in your life.


Blogger Brad said...

A correction.

Joe Gibbs should NOT be coaching anything. I think he's had his chance at a comeback.


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