Friday, April 13, 2007

All-time favorite Onion headlines

Some of my all-time favorites from the Onion:

Area Man Would Put That Meeting In His Top 5 All Time

Christ Returns to NBA

Vince McMahon's X-SPAN Promises Bone-Crunching Legislative Coverage

Picture of Lemur Printed For No Goddamned Reason

'Most E-Mailed' List Tearing New York Times' Newsroom Apart Recommendations Understand Area Woman Better Than Husband

Rebels Immediately Regret Seizing Power in Zambia

Nancy Pelosi Wants Congress to WANT to Pass Bill

Grapes "Big Hit" At Area Picnic

U.S. Trendsetters Go On Strike

Study: Alligators Dangerous No Matter How Drunk You Are

Drunk Will Show You, Everybody

Study: Dolphins Not So Intelligent On Land

These are just a few. Stroll through the archives sometime, it's a riot.


Blogger Axe said...

I love this one about teens:

"Half-Empty Bottle of Malibu Found In Woods Behind School"

12:16 AM  

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