Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why I want to move back to New York...

"Manhattan, a high narrow kingdom as hopeful as any that ever was, burst upon him full force, a great and imperfect steel-trussed palace of a hundred million chambers, many-tiered gardens, pools, passages and ramparts above its rivers. Built upon an island from which bridges stretched to other islands and to the mainland, the palace of a thousand tall towers was undefended. It took in nearly all who wished to enter, being so much larger than anything else that it could not ever be conquered but only visited by force. Newcomers, invaders, and the inhabitants themselves were so confused by its multiplicity, variety, vanity, size, brutality, and grace, that they lost sight of what it was. It was, for sure, one simple structure, busily divided, lovely and pleasing, an extraordinary hive of the imagination, the greatest house ever built."
-Mark Helprin, Winter's Tale

I had a wondeful Thanksgiving, as I spent it with just about everyone in the world that I care deeply about. Hope everyone was as lucky as I.

Oh, and Becca ate corn pudding with gravy on it. It was awesome.

And she just farted, which was even more awesome.


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