Monday, September 04, 2006

Officially over

-So that's that. Summer is officially over. Looking back, it was fantastic. Thank you to all who made it so.

-The new Pete Yorn album, Nightcrawler, is rocking my world. I've got a big new man-crush, as Brad most eloquently put it over the weekend. It is a very conscious departure for him, which I think is exactly what was needed after the sub-par (but not terrible) Day I Forgot. It's more produced, less direct, and much more rock 'n roll than both of his previous albums. I haven't decided yet whether I like it more than musicforthemorningafter, but I will say that at the moment the lyrics are not blowing my skirt up.

-Labor Day weekend was a blast, despite the best efforts of Ernesto to spoil it. Thanks to Ted, Brad, Rebecca, Aimee, Patrick, and especially Molly for coming down to the beach and sending the summer off in style.

-I just got the new Hem album and am listening to it as I type. It's scarily good. Get wise, suckas!

-I just got an assignment for school dealing with 7-11 and the emergence of newer stores such as Wawa and Sheetz. If anyone has stories about old 7-11 experiences that they would like to share, please feel free.

-R.I.P. Crocodile Hunter. We hardly knew ye. Although what a way to go, getting stabbed through the chest plate by a stingray barb. Freakin' sweet.

-Not to enlist more help on school things, but this one's kinda personal. I'm doing a presentation on the Religious Right soon, and would love any feedback or thoughts that anyone has about that topic. This is part of my larger push this year to, through a string of projects and personal research, try to get into the mind of the Bible Belt. What makes them tick, how do they view themselves and the rest of the country, etc. Wish me luck with that one.

-I went swimming in the moonlight twice this weekend. I haven't done that in ages. Both times were amazing, for different reasons. I would recommend swimming in the moonlight wholeheartedly. Even if you're just taking a bath and the moon is shining in the window.

-I think that's it for me for now. Lots of love to everyone as we head into the wonderful season of autumn. And if any of you Richmond people want to take a little Skyline Drive once the leaves start changing, I'm there.


Blogger Becca said...

we’ll always have the triple chocolate meltdown - wait, what happened to Paris?

thanks for the wonderful weekends, hanging beer for beer, regardless, and never laughing when I "gracefully" fall down.

here's to the leaves turning!

9:39 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Credit where credit's due, I believe it was Nat who coined "man crush" re: your love of all things Yorn.

7:52 AM  
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