Saturday, August 26, 2006

Summer Picture Roundup, Part 1

So here is the first of my posts recapping my summer through the pictures I've taken. Enjoy!

The Patty Griffin show last weekend was pretty good, but I gotta take issue that she didn't play anything off of Flaming Red. It is her best album by far, and she's got no business leaving those songs behind. Granted it was just her and Doug Lancio and not a full band, but still. Throw me a little "One Big Love" at least! Her new material was a bit spotty as well. A couple of really good ones, but on the whole didn't really blow my skirt up. The trip to Raleigh was fun though, and here are some more pictures from that.

And here are some from my trip up to New York.

Next time on Summer Picture Roundup: Chihuly and babies!!


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