Friday, April 18, 2008

Hatin' On The Media

In this week where the media is coming under so much scrutiny for the way it covers, trivializes and denigrates our country and our world, I came across this snipet from Fox News.

I only wish that we would allow our politicians to be as open and direct as this man. I thought it was a particularly salient point, and one that has not been discussed in any major new outlet that I've seen, that Senator Obama and Reverend Wright are operating in two entirely different roles, one as Senator and one as preacher. Trying to equate those two roles, and trying to transfer systems of beliefs simply through association, is absolutely ridiculous. I am heartbroken that this issue continues to come up this way.

I am seriously considering boycotting ABC after that debate. Lost sucks now anyway.


Anonymous Brad said...

Fuckin a, yoz. I'm down with all of that except for "Lost." Still good. Still good.

I don't necessarily blame ABC, I think it was just the perfect distillation of all of what's wrong with our political discourse, where now the national media has taken on the job of swift-boating smear-politics simply to scoop others on it. Yeesh.

Here's the latest ad I did, we did a small ad buy in DC on CNN and MSNBC for it.

I'm on teh teevee!!!1!

2:23 PM  

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