Saturday, December 01, 2007

Catching Up On The Holidays

Halloween came and went without much fanfare this year. I detest Halloween, so that was fine with me. The one fun thing that Becca and I did do was carve pumpkins. We decided to step up our efforts this year, so Becca found some patterns zooming around in The Tubes and printed them out for us. We also bought special pumpkin-carving tool kits, consisting of bendy knives, hole pokers and little plastic spoons ergonomically designed to scoop out pumpkin guts. After gutting the pumpkins, roasting the seeds (yummy!) and carving away, this is what we had:

Not bad for a couple of amateurs!

Becca is not, however, an amateur at Thanksgiving. Not only does she have the turkey recipe to end all turkey recipes (it involves much bacon), but she also has the market cornered on delicious side dishes, stuffing and pies. It was one of the most amazing Thanksgiving feasts I have ever had, even though the "feast" only consisted of two people! It was perfect, and it reminded me of one of the myriad reasons that I am the luckiest guy in the world. Here is just a glimpse:



Blogger Tara said...

Kyle made the bacon-wrapped turkey for his pre-Thanksgiving feast, and I agree that it is amazing!

Wishing you and Becca a happy Christmas!

10:18 AM  

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